Farah Gulamoydeen


Farah Gulamoydeen

Hi, I'm Farah

Thank you for starting the journey of getting help. It tells me that you matter, and I want to hear more about it. I am a warm, friendly, and authentic Psychologist who will share your joys as well as your tears. I am willing to hold your emotions and stories, and from there journey with you to live a life that is fulfilling. In the therapy room, I am structured and timely and every question posed has a therapeutic purpose.

I am a Psychologist with a Master of Clinical Psychology degree and around 12 years of experience. I was born and raised in Malaysia and moved to Australia as a professional. I have work experience in both countries, the majority of it in Australia. I have worked in the EAP and private practice setting seeing a diverse range of clients. Eight years ago, I chose to specialise in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and even practise it in my own life. Apart from working with clients, I conduct training and supervision in ACT for other mental health professionals as it is important to me to contribute to society at a larger level too.

I am particularly keen on working with clients who have experienced trauma, struggle with anxiety, feelings of being lost and stuck, existential issues, all forms of relationship issues be it romantic or familial, and chronic health issues. I have a large amount of experience working with work-related issues such as motivation, workplace bullying, and FIFO life.

I love the diversity of humans and working with diversity - be it cultural, gender, sexuality, financial, personalities, and just how we think! I believe that we are not broken, and we have the potential to be resilient. My job is to help you identify your strengths and what makes life meaningful for you when encountering adverse life events and struggles. I am willing to hold your emotions and your stories and from there journey with you to live a life that is fulfilling.

My Approach

I am highly trained and specialise in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy - a modern behavioural and evidence-based approach that is based on Contextual Behavioural Science. This is where behaviours are not seen as causes or problematic in itself, but rather it exists in a context, and our work together is about changing and influencing the contexts to have a more workable outcome that is consistent with the kind of life you want to have. This approach deemphasises diagnostic labels which can at times function as barriers to living a full life.

Main areas of expertise

  • Meaning & Value
  • Workplace relationships
  • Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Long-term Health Concerns

I am willing to hold your emotions and stories, and journey with you to live a life that is fulfilling.

My style is

  • collaborative
  • existential
  • genuine
  • solution oriented
Meaning & Value
Workplace relationships
Life Transitions
Sexuality and Gender
Grief and Loss
Sleep difficulties
Long-term Health Concerns
Low mood
Fear of Failure
Domestic Violence
Work Stress
Chronic Pain
Benefits of My Mirror

Benefits of My Mirror

  • No wait times
  • Up to 21h/day access
  • Access from anywhere in Australia
  • Affordable therapy sessions

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