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Join us! Online workshop: Leading with your values for confidence & balance

You're invited! June 2nd @ 6pm. FREE 1-hr self-development workshop for women with My Mirror Psychologist, mother, and author Rachel Tomlinson. This is the first webinar in the My Mirror workshop series where our psychologists will explore common mental health concerns and relevant learnings and coping strategies. 13 May 2022 by Kate Blundell
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What does the research say about online therapy?

With the paradigm shift into telehealth & digital mental health solutions, what have we learned about the effectiveness of care and barriers addressed? 02 May 2022 by Rachel Tomlinson
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What to expect after your first psychology session?

You've completed your first psychology session, well done. Here are our tips and guidelines for the journey ahead and what you might be feeling. 02 May 2022 by Rachel Tomlinson
Resources and Tools

5 things to know before your first psychology session

Are you unsure and nervous about what to expect during your first psychology session? Don't worry, our article has you covered. 02 May 2022 by Kate Blundell
Anxiety and Stress.

Do I have an anxiety disorder or am I just stressed?

Stress is an unavoidable emotional response that everyone experiences. Whether we are being chased by a bear or racing against a deadline, the associated physiological processes that stress triggers in our bodies can be incredibly useful for motivating action. 02 Apr 2022 by My Mirror Editorial Team
Low Mood and Depression.

Why stigma around mental health may deter men from reaching out

The stigma that surrounds mental health may be one factor that deters some men from seeking help for concerns about their mental wellbeing. It is time to understand stigma in order to normalise the act of reaching out for help. 20 Nov 2020 by My Mirror Editorial Team

If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis call 000 (AU) or use these resources to get immediate help.