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Anxiety and Stress.

Psychologist’s 10 ways to reduce anxiety as Victorians emerge from lockdown

Are you from Melbourne or greater Victoria and feel anxious about the easing of restrictions? Our Chief Psychologists has some very helpful tips about how to engage in self-care as you ease your way back into the new world of post-lockdown life. 09 Oct 2020 by My Mirror Editorial Team
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Psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors: what's the difference?

There are a variety of clinicians available to help you treat and manage your mental health concerns but do you know which type of therapist is best suited to your needs? Here's a breakdown of who's who in the world of psychology. 17 Jul 2020 by Kate Blundell
Anxiety and Stress.

4 strategies to help you take control of your inner critic

It is normal to have an inner voice commentating on the moments in our lives. However, you can take back some of the power your inner critic has over your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour by using these strategies. 10 Jul 2020 by Louise Cridland
Resources and Tools

6 reasons why online therapy might be a good fit for you.

Meeting with a psychologist online might help you, or someone you care about, seek more convenient and affordable support for mental health concerns. 06 Jul 2020 by Kate Blundell
Anxiety and Stress.

5 daily mindfulness practices to manage stress, anxiety and depression

Through practicing mindfulness we can physically reduce the emotional fear centre of our brains and strengthen the attention and concentration centre, which in turn can assist in preventing and managing stress, anxiety and depression. 27 Jun 2020 by Amanda Lehman
Anxiety and Stress.

How to Balance Perfectionism with Self-Compassion

How do you determine whether your perfectionism is healthy or unhealthy? And what can you do to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by unhealthy perfectionism? 11 Jun 2020 by Amanda Lehman