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Anxiety and Stress.

Do I have an anxiety disorder or am I just stressed?

Stress is an unavoidable emotional response that everyone experiences. Whether we are being chased by a bear or racing against a deadline, the associated physiological processes that stress triggers in our bodies can be incredibly useful for motivating action. 16 Nov 2021 by My Mirror Editorial Team
Low Mood and Depression.

Why stigma around mental health may deter men from reaching out

The stigma that surrounds mental health may be one factor that deters some men from seeking help for concerns about their mental wellbeing. It is time to understand stigma in order to normalise the act of reaching out for help. 20 Nov 2020 by My Mirror Editorial Team
Anxiety and Stress.

6 easy daily practices to reduce stress levels

If you’re feeling “a little stressed”, it can be useful to learn how to recognise signs of unhelpful stress and know some daily practices that can help you combat these feelings of unease. 13 Nov 2020 by My Mirror Editorial Team
Anxiety and Stress.

Aussie school leavers: how to tell if you're struggling with the stress of change

Feeling uneasy or stressed about life’s big changes is basically a rite of passage for school leavers. So, how can we distinguish between a normal amount of stress and unhelpful stress that suggests you, or a mate, is really struggling with the stress brought about by change? 10 Nov 2020 by My Mirror Editorial Team
Anxiety and Stress.

Psychologist’s 10 ways to reduce anxiety as Victorians emerge from lockdown

Are you from Melbourne or greater Victoria and feel anxious about the easing of restrictions? Our Chief Psychologists has some very helpful tips about how to engage in self-care as you ease your way back into the new world of post-lockdown life. 26 Oct 2020 by My Mirror Editorial Team
Low Mood and Depression.

8 reasons why online therapy can help fight Australia’s mental health crisis

There is no doubt that Australia’s 2019/20 natural disasters and COVID-19's abrupt entry into our lives have led to increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression and worsened our country’s already alarming mental health figures. Could online therapy be the answer to our nation's mental health crisis? 19 Oct 2020 by My Mirror Editorial Team

If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis call 000 (AU) or use these resources to get immediate help.