Workers compensation psychology services

If you have been injured while working or due to a work-related incident, you may qualify for Workers' Compensation benefits.

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Workers compensation psychology services

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We offer psychological support tailored to your individual needs while working closely with your insurance company to support your recovery and return to work

Accessing workers' compensation benefits

Accessing workers' compensation benefits

If you're seeking treatment through worker's compensation, you can be referred by your rehabilitation provider, insurer, nominated treating doctor, or employer. However, it's crucial to obtain approval from your insurer claims manager before proceeding with any services. 

Once you have these details, you can submit your request to My Mirror. We will communicate with your insurer for approval for an initial assessment and ensure you are all set up to access an appointment with an eligible registered psychologist. 

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Navigating Workers' Compensation claims with My Mirror

Navigating Workers' Compensation claims with My Mirror

The steps to claim workers' compensation for psychological treatment may vary depending on the specific program, but generally involve the following: 

  • Inform your employer or insurance company of your injury or illness 
  • Seek medical attention and obtain a diagnosis 
  • Attend any required medical appointments or assessments 
  • Follow any treatment recommendations provided by your healthcare providers 
  • Await a decision from the program administrator regarding your eligibility for compensation 
  • Upload your documentation to My Mirror 
  • My Mirror will ensure all documents and information has been received and arrange a list of Psychologists that you are able to select from

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Are you a case manager or insurer?

Are you a case manager or insurer?

We make managing your cases & helping clients recover as seamless as possible.

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What clients say about My Mirror

02 February 2022

Brillant service

Absolutely brilliant service. Can not recommend this enough. So easy to use the online platform. A diverse selection of psychologists to talk to depending on your circumstance.

23 March 2022

Great help

I live in a regional area with very little resources available for mental health. My Mirror was a great help and was super quick with any questions including how to add my mental health plan.

29 April 2022

No wait lists

In the current environment where wait lists for psychologists are 12 months plus, this service gives you access to wonderful psychologists with no wait lists.

15 July 2022

Well suited to my needs

I was having trouble getting mental health services in my area, at an affordable price, and that had time slots that were workable for me. I've been connected to a great psychologist, well suited to my needs. Highly recommend.


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