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Why choose solution focused therapy?

Incorporate ongoing personal development seamlessly into your busy routine with 20 minute sessions. 

Partner with our experienced team of psychologists to establish precise objectives and develop targeted plans to address specific goals.

Targeted coaching

Get precise, actionable advice on specific issues or decisions impacting your life.

Session follow-up

Check-in or follow-up with your therapist while engaged in longer-term therapy.

Skill building

Learn techniques to enhance your wellbeing and navigate life's challenges.

When to choose 20-minute vs 50-minute sessions



Focus on problem solving

Address more complex concerns

Quick check-ins & coaching

In-depth therapy

Diagnosis & assessments

Debrief & strategic planning

Treat severe mental health issues

Frequently Asked Questions

What clients say about My Mirror

02 February 2022

Brillant service

Absolutely brilliant service. Can not recommend this enough. So easy to use the online platform. A diverse selection of psychologists to talk to depending on your circumstance.

23 March 2022

Great help

I live in a regional area with very little resources available for mental health. My Mirror was a great help and was super quick with any questions including how to add my mental health plan.

29 April 2022

No wait lists

In the current environment where wait lists for psychologists are 12 months plus, this service gives you access to wonderful psychologists with no wait lists.

15 July 2022

Well suited to my needs

I was having trouble getting mental health services in my area, at an affordable price, and that had time slots that were workable for me. I've been connected to a great psychologist, well suited to my needs. Highly recommend.


If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis call 000 (AU) or use these resources to get immediate help.