Join us! Online workshop: Leading with your values for confidence & balance

13 May 2022
by Kate Blundell

When: 2nd June @ 6pm AEDST online

Free to register: Sign up here

This women's workshop is free and available to you whether you are a current My Mirror client or looking to explore a psychologist's strategies for self-development.

About this event

When you want it all, but just end up doing it all. Sound familiar?

A myth exists that if a woman just works hard enough she can thrive and have it all. The toxic underlying message is that if you don’t achieve it all, or aren’t coping that the fault lies squarely with you, that somehow you aren’t working hard enough, aren’t hustling, aren’t assertive enough…or simply that you aren’t enough. Or, if you have somehow managed the elusive “having it all,” what has it cost to get there and stay there?

In this workshop we will move from toxic pressure to be ‘everything for everyone’ and learn how to lead with your values to achieve balance & thrive in what matters to you.

We will cover - a psychologist’s approach to transformational change reflecting on:

  • Your roles as a woman
  • Identify pressure sources to ‘be everything’ for everyone
  • How internal & external expectations shape our actions
  • Shine a light on imposter syndrome & your inner critic

We will learn:

  • How to lead with core values
  • Strategies and tools to reduce pressure, stress, and negative self talk to gain confidence that you are enough

Join psychologist, mother and internationally published author Rachel Tomlinson as she uses psychological principles, case studies and reflective activities to help you better understand the pressure of different roles you have, how expectations (internal and external) shape our behaviour and inner voice, imposter syndrome and the inner critic as well as using core values to drive choice and a better balance moving forward.

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If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis call 000 (AU) or use these resources to get immediate help.