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Our psychologists help you utilise evidence-based strategies including gratitude, affirmations and mindfulness to improve and develop your mindset.

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How can sessions assist with improving my mindset?

Psychologists play a crucial role in supporting individuals in cultivating a positive mindset through evidence-based interventions and therapeutic techniques. With tailored evidence-based strategies, a psychologist provides support, encouragement, and feedback to empower individuals to navigate life's complexities with purpose, resilience, and optimism. 

Understanding your behaviour

Positive mindset sessions provide a safe space to gain insight into the thought patterns influencing your behaviour. By uncovering these patterns, you can identify obstacles hindering your progress and address factors contributing to stress, anxiety, or dissatisfaction in your life.

Setting clear goals

Focused sessions help you clarify your needs, desires, and ultimate aspirations, allowing you to establish clear and achievable goals for personal development. Through exploration and reflection, you can align your actions with your values, fostering a sense of purpose and direction.

Addressing your mindset

Many people grapple with self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that impede their growth and potential. Positive mindset sessions facilitate the development of a growth mindset, resilience, and self-compassion by addressing and challenging existing beliefs.

When to choose 20-minute vs 50-minute sessions



Focus on problem solving

Address more complex concerns

Quick check-ins & coaching

In-depth therapy

Diagnosis & assessments

Debrief & strategic planning

Treat severe mental health issues

Frequently Asked Questions

What clients say about My Mirror

06 April 2023

So grateful

I am so grateful for my psychologist from My Mirror, and having my psychologist available via telehealth has been so much more beneficial for my mental health. Being able to be seen, heard and listened to rather than waiting so long on a waitlist has been a godsend.

03 May 2023

Fantastic experience

Having been initially sceptical, my overall experience with My Mirror has been fantastic. My Mirror matched and connected me with a psychologist who simply “got” me from the very beginning. I cannot recommend this service enough.

05 January 2024

Big tick

I'm one of those people who doesn't enjoy going out of my home or talking to a doctor, let alone a psychologist. Without My Mirror and the services they provide I would most likely neglect seeking help, so it's a big tick from me for these guys.

18 January 2024

What we need

One of the best online platforms I have ever used. The simplicity of the bulk billing system, rebates and the selection of well educated clinical psychologists is what we need. Couldn't of found a better website. 🙌


If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis call 000 (AU) or use these resources to get immediate help.