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Parenting Counselling

Navigate the challenges and joys of raising children with a psychologist who can help you develop personalised strategies and tools tailored to support your unique family dynamics. 

Find support and guidance

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Parenting is a rewarding yet challenging journey, and navigating parenthood and changing family dynamics can be overwhelming. Whether you are facing behavioural challenges, communication issues or seeking guidance to help foster a strong and positive parent/child relationship, our friendly and knowledgeable psychologists can help you develop effective parenting strategies, in a safe space to share your dilemmas and worries.

Parenting counselling areas of focus

New parents

First-time parenthood is a challenge: From understanding your baby's needs, having confidence in yourself as a parent, to navigating changes in your relationship with your partner.

Child development

Concerns about your child's development, including academic struggles, social difficulties, or delays in reaching developmental milestones.

Parental Burnout

Juggling the demands of work, family, and personal life can lead to parental burnout, characterised by exhaustion, frustration, and a sense of overwhelm.

Parenting Styles

Learn about effective parenting strategies, discipline techniques, and establishing boundaries. 

Family Transitions

Adjusting to significant life changes such as divorce, remarriage, blending families, or the birth of a new sibling can be challenging for parents and children alike. 

Teenage Issues

Navigating the unique challenges of parenting teenagers, including issues related to independence, peer pressure, and risk-taking behaviour.

How can parenting counselling help you?

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Counselling sessions provide a supportive space to explore concerns, learn effective techniques and strategies, and build confidence in your role as a parent. They can help with conflict resolution, setting effective boundaries, exploring challenges in a more healthy way, and hold you accountable to your goals. Ultimately, our psychologists aim to empower you to create a nurturing and supportive environment for your family's growth and well-being.

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What should I expect from a counselling session?

During your session your psychologist will get to know you and understand your family dynamic, so they can help you address your challenges and goals in parenting. You can expect a supportive environment where you will work together to develop practical strategies, and empower you with the tools to positively impact your family environment.

Goal setting

During goal setting, we'll collaborate to establish realistic and achievable objectives to focus on between sessions. These goals will target specific areas of improvement or changes in your parenting approach, ensuring progress and growth in your journey as a parent.

Support and Guidance

Throughout the session, you'll receive guidance, support, and encouragement to help you navigate your parenting challenges with confidence. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, share your experiences, and receive valuable feedback or validation.

Skill building

Develop practical skills and strategies that you can implement in your daily parenting routines. This may include communication techniques, behaviour management strategies, setting boundaries, and fostering positive relationships.

Available psychologists who can help with parenting counselling


Why should I see a psychologist for parenting support?

Seeing a psychologist for parenting coaching or counselling offers distinct advantages due to their specialised training and expertise: 

  • Expertise in Child Development: Psychologists are trained across the lifespan and understand how early experiences shape individuals. They tailor approaches based on children's developmental stages and needs. 
  • Overall Wellbeing and Mental Health: Psychologists are equipped to manage parenting dilemmas and mental health challenges. They can provide support even without a diagnosis, ensuring the right assistance for you and your family. 
  • Assessments and Diagnosis: Psychologists can conduct assessments, diagnose issues, and refer to appropriate services if needed, ensuring tailored support for your family's needs. 
  • Evidence-Based Practice: Psychologists adhere to stringent practice requirements, offering interventions backed by evidence and research, ensuring high-quality and effective support. 
  • Counselling and Communication Skills: Psychologists possess strong counselling skills, creating positive therapeutic relationships through effective communication, empathy, and collaboration. 
  • Ethical Standards: Psychologists adhere to strict ethical and professional boundaries, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, professionalism, and respect for autonomy and best interests.

What's the difference between parenting counselling and child & family psychology?

There is a lot of similarity, and our experienced psychologists offer both parenting counselling and specific child and family psychology sessions. The difference between the two is the focus, scope and approach of the sessions.

  • Parenting counselling is more specific, goal oriented and focuses on practical solutions, where the emphasis is on specific concerns, skill building and goal setting. The challenges and goals are focused on specific or situational issues, and are able to be addressed and guided in a shorter timeframe.
  • Child or family psychology sessions tend to be more focussed on assessing family dynamics and addressing psychological or emotional issues that are impacting on families. This could involve diagnosis, or assessments, and typically explore patterns or long-standing concerns or more complicated matters relating to mental health and wellbeing. 

What can I expect during a parenting counselling session?

During a parenting session, you can expect a supportive and collaborative environment where you'll work with a psychologist to address your parenting concerns and goals. The structure and duration of the session may vary depending on whether it's a shorter 20min session or a standard 50min session: 

Solution-Focused Shorter Session: 

  • Efficiently addresses specific parenting challenges or goals. 
  • Help with identifying primary concerns and discusses practical strategies or techniques. 
  • Involves exploring strengths as a parent and aligning solutions with values and preferences. 
  • Strategies to effective implementation within a shorter timeframe. 

Standard Session: 

  • Recommended for complex or deeper concerns. 
  • Provides more time to delve into underlying factors contributing to parenting challenges. 
  • Psychologist may use therapeutic techniques to gain insight into parenting style, communication patterns, and family dynamics. 
  • Allows for extensive discussion of experiences, emotions, and concerns, fostering a comprehensive understanding. 
  • Involves setting long-term goals, developing personalised parenting plans, and practicing new skills or strategies for sustained positive change. 

Do you offer counselling for specific parenting challenges?

Whether you're navigating the early years with an infant or toddler, facing the unique challenges of parenting a school-aged child, or navigating the complexities of adolescence, our psychologists provide personalised support tailored to your parenting needs. From addressing behavioural issues, communication difficulties, and sibling rivalry, to navigating transitions such as starting school or adolescence. 

What clients say about My Mirror

06 April 2023

So grateful

I am so grateful for my psychologist from My Mirror, and having my psychologist available via telehealth has been so much more beneficial for my mental health. Being able to be seen, heard and listened to rather than waiting so long on a waitlist has been a godsend.

03 May 2023

Fantastic experience

Having been initially sceptical, my overall experience with My Mirror has been fantastic. My Mirror matched and connected me with a psychologist who simply “got” me from the very beginning. I cannot recommend this service enough.

05 January 2024

Big tick

I'm one of those people who doesn't enjoy going out of my home or talking to a doctor, let alone a psychologist. Without My Mirror and the services they provide I would most likely neglect seeking help, so it's a big tick from me for these guys.

18 January 2024

What we need

One of the best online platforms I have ever used. The simplicity of the bulk billing system, rebates and the selection of well educated clinical psychologists is what we need. Couldn't of found a better website. 🙌


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