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04 Mar 2024
by My Mirror Editorial Team

Some Medibank Private policy holders don’t need to pay the full private fee on their psychology sessions when they have mental health covered in their policy.   

If you’re unsure whether your Medibank policy covers mental health or you’re wondering how to make your Medibank psychology claim online, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Medibank psychology rebates before you book your psychology session. 

Looking for a Medibank Private psychologist to support your mental health journey? Put your well-being first and match with a psychologist today to claim your sessions with Medibank. 

Can I claim psychology on Medibank Private? 

Yes, Medibank Private covers mental health services in their policy extras. This means your online psychology sessions can be rebated through Medibank when the session is held by a recognised provider like the online psychologists at My Mirror. 

Does Medicare cover psychology sessions too?

You can claim your psychology sessions either through Medicare, or through Medibank. In most cases, you can only claim with one or the other.  

To be eligible for a Medicare psychology rebate, you’ll need a valid Medicare card, a Mental Health Plan, and a GP referral letter. With these, you can receive up to 10 rebated sessions per calendar year. If you’re thinking about claiming Medicare rebates for your psychology sessions, we’re here to guide you through the process. 

If, after your 10 rebated sessions you’d like to continue with therapy, you may choose to have your psychology sessions covered through private health insurance so that you can continue to reduce the cost of therapy. 

How much can I claim with Medibank mental health extras cover?

The amount you can claim for your Medibank psychology sessions depends on your level of cover. Different extras will have different benefit amounts so be sure to check the details of your policy before you book your first session.  

Some things to look out for when choosing your Medibank extras cover include: 

The claim back percentage – This is the percentage of the full cost of the service you’ll receive back. For example, if your psychology session costs $200 and your claim back percentage is 50%, you’d receive back $100.  

The waiting period – This is the length of time you have to wait until you can make your first claim. At Medibank, all mental health extras cover have zero waiting periods. 

The annual limits per person – This is the maximum amount you can receive per person for a claim. For example, if your annual limit is $200 you can make your psychology rebate claims until you’ve received up to $200 back. 

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How much will I receive back with Medicare?

Through Medicare, you’ll receive $96.65 back with a registered psychologist, and $141.85 back with a clinical psychologist.  

Do I have psychology covered on my Medibank policy?

To get your psychology session rebated by Medibank, you need to have mental health included in your extras cover.  

Check your cover to find out if you’re covered for psychology sessions. 

Some Medibank extras that cover psychology sessions include: 

  • Health Start Extras 
  • Growing Family Extras Only 
  • Top Extras 

None of Medibank’s hospital extras cover mental health. However, it is possible to have a combination of hospital and extras cover so that you can tailor you plan to include an extras cover that rebates mental health.

How to find a Medibank psychologist

Your session needs to be held with a Medibank-recognised psychologist for your claim to be accepted. Some psychologists may not have the right credentials to meet Medibank Private’s recognition criteria, so it’s important you check before you book your first session.  

To obtain Medibank Private recognition, your psychologist needs to be registered with Medicare Australia and with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA). They also need to work in a private practice like My Mirror. 

All My Mirror psychologists are recognised providers with Medibank Private. Get matched with a psychologist today and we’ll pair you with the best-suited Medibank psychologist for your mental health goals. Alternatively, you can browse through our range of experienced psychologists and find someone who works for you. 

No matter which My Mirror psychologist you work with, you can be confident your session will be covered by Medibank. 

Find an online psychologist 

How do I make my Medibank psychology claim?

Mental health extras can be claimed online, making it easy to get your psychology rebate. Remember, you can only make your Medibank psychology claim online once the session is complete so be sure to check that your sessions are claimable before you book. 

To get your Medibank mental health claim, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into your My Medibank account
  2. Select ‘Claims’ and then select ‘Extras’. 
  3. Choose who the claim is for and click ‘Next’. 
  4. Provide details about your session, including the date, type of service you’re your psychologist’s provider ID. You can these details by looking at your session invoice emailed to you by My Mirror.  
  5. Enter your session’s item number, which you can also find on your session invoice.  
  6. Complete the service details including the total session cost and date. Here you can add multiple items if you’re claiming for more than one psychology session. 
  7. Upload your receipt by clicking ‘Browse’. For psychology sessions, you’ll need to upload your My Mirror session invoice. 
  8. Enter your payment details so you can be reimbursed and click next. 
  9. Review your claim details to make sure everything is correct and click ‘Next’ to submit the claim. 

You can also submit your claim through the My Medibank app, in store or by post. 

What mental health support does Medibank offer?

24/7 Mental Health Phone Support – This is for existing members who have hospital cover. It’s a phone service that connects members to a qualified mental health professional (for example a mental health nurse, social worker or occupational therapist). The aim is to provide advice and support if you or a loved one are experiencing mental health difficulties. 

Better Minds Hub – This is a resource available to anyone looking for advice, with guides and blog links related to mental health support. 

Better Minds App – This is available for members who hold Medibank hospital cover, and who are an Australian resident over 18. It provides well-being checks, skill-building for mental fitness, and coaching sessions for practical support.  

If you’re looking to work through a particular mental health goal with a registered psychologist, get started with online therapy at My Mirror.


If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis call 000 (AU) or use these resources to get immediate help.