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For General Practitioners.

Getting started is quick and easy.
My Mirror | Online Mental Health Services | GP

How it works.

It is quick and easy to create your GP account and profile. You can use our intuitive online platform to write referrals and Mental Health Care Plans directly into the site. These are then accessible for the psychologist your patient chooses. You can also use our platform to send correspondence between you, your patient and your patient's psychologists. This removes some of the administrative burdens for you.
Create an account.

We've made sure that getting started on the My Mirror platform is quick and easy. Your first step, before utilising our free access service, is to create an account by providing your name, contact details, medical registration number, and provider number.

MHCP and referral correspondence.

Once verified, you can utilise our streamlined electronic Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) and referral templates to help your patient on their journey to better psychological health. Simply enter the appropriate correspondence and your patient will be eligible to receive Medicare rebates for therapy sessions with a psychologist on our platform (up to 20 per year). OR, if preferred, you can fax referrals to 1800 931 956

For your records.

Next, download  (or print off) a copy of your patient's MHCP and referral for your own practice's records. You can then rest assured your patient is able to get help from an experienced psychologist uninhibited by typical accessibility barriers like wait times and location - all from the comfort of their own home.


Following the sixth session, if your patient's psychologist deems it clinically appropriate that their patient requires the remaining four sessions on their MHCP, the psychologist will correspond with you. You will receive a notification from My Mirror that prompts you to log in to our secure platform and respond to this correspondence.


Re-referral is as quick and easy as documenting the initial MHCP and referral. Save your correspondence on our secure platform and download (or print off) the re-referral for your own records. Your patient will be immediately granted the additional Medicare rebatable sessions. OR you can fax referrals to 1800 931 956

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A psychology ecosystem that connects the dots between you, your patient and the help they need.


If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis call 000 (AU) or use these resources to get immediate help.