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Benefits of My Mirror

Benefits of My Mirror

  • No wait times
  • Up to 21h/day access
  • Access from anywhere in Australia
  • Affordable therapy sessions

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  1. Talk to your GP for Medicare Rebates

    Get a referral letter & MHCP from your GP to access reduced cost psychology sessions

  2. Choose a psychologist

    Browse our list of psychologists and choose based on their experience and availability

  3. Book your therapy session

    Choose a time that suit your schedule for a 50 min session. No wait times.

  4. Track your progress online

    Put your therapy session advice into action and empower yourself to meet your goals

What is the difference between a counselor, psychotherapist and a psychologist?

All practitioners on the My Mirror team are psychologists.  

In Australia, Psychology is a restricted title and registered profession protected by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). All psychologists in Australia hold general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia, meeting high standards in education, training, supervised practice, ethical and professional standards, and ongoing professional development. 

Psychotherapists and Counsellors are not legally regulated titles in Australia. However, they are professionally regulated by their accrediting associations, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). 

What is the difference between a registered general and clinical psychologist?

All psychologists in Australia hold general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia, meeting high standards in education, training, supervised practice, ethical and professional standards, and ongoing professional development. 

The minimum qualification required to be qualified to apply for general registration is: 

a) a four-year accredited sequence of study in psychology that has been approved by the Board 

as providing a qualification for registration in the profession, that has been completed within the last ten years, or 

b) an overseas qualification that in the Board’s opinion is substantially equivalent to a). 

To be eligible for general registration as a psychologist, in addition to the minimum qualification applicants must have completed a postgraduate degree accredited as fifth and sixth year of study in psychology, or another approved program of supervised practice and training. 

Clinical psychologist must meet the above requirements as well as an ‘area of practice endorsement’ (such as sport or exercise psychology) for which they hold university qualifications and supervised training for. Clinical psychologists are trained in the assessment and diagnosis of mental illnesses and psychological problems and are qualified to provide advice in clinical and compensation areas. All clinical psychologists undertake continual learning in areas such as prevention, diagnosis, assessment and treatment, including rehabilitation.2 

Whichever type of psychologist, you should expect the same quality of care, ethical behavior and standards of practice.  

1. Registration standard: General registration | Psychology Board of Australia | 2 May 2016 

2. APS - https://psychology.org.au/for-the-public/about-psychology/types-of-psychologists/clinical-psychologists 

How do online therapy and face-to-face therapy differ?

Online therapy is very similar to meeting with a psychologist face-to-face. It is simply a newer medium within which to obtain help via videoconferencing from your chosen surroundings.  

The similarities to face-to-face therapy:  

  • You meet with a registered psychologist who works with evidence-based strategies to treat your concerns 
  • Your psychologist will assess your situation and concerns  
  • Your psychologist will work with you in a collaborative way to set your goals  
  • Your psychologist will help you to learn and build skills to help you cope and increase your resilience   
  • You can schedule follow-up sessions with the same psychologist and continue to work collaboratively together to assist you in working towards your goals 

You may find online therapy is preferable because you feel more comfortable speaking with your therapist from the comfort of your own home.  For others, it is important to see a psychologist face-to-face to maintain a connection within their therapeutic relationship. It depends on your individual circumstance. 

How does a session with My Mirror start?

All My Mirror sessions occur directly within our website – there is no need for 3rd party links or downloads. 

When it’s time for your first session you simply log in to your my Mirror account and you will be directed to your dashboard. From your dashboard you will see your booking card. 5 minutes ahead of your session ‘enter session’ will appear on your booking card in green letters. Once you have selected enter session you will be directed to your waiting room where your psychologist will meet you. 

What happens in my first session?

Ahead of your session time you will be asked to complete a DASS-21 survey which is an assessment tool your psychologist uses to understand your mental state. While it helps to communicate your primary goals with therapy to your psychologist, there is no need to extensively prepare for your session. Your therapist will spend most of the first session asking you a series of questions to get to know you and establish the best path forward. 

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What clients say about My Mirror

12 July 2021

Easy & Low Cost

Tele-tech sessions eliminate travel and wait times, it simplifies the whole process. Booking an online appointment is super easy, and low-cost, which is also really appealing.  

28 April 2021

Really grateful!

I was able to book in almost immediately and was really grateful to be matched with a psychologist who suited both my situation and personality.

27 September 2021

Great help

I live in a regional area with very little resources available for mental health. My Mirror was a great help and were super quick with any questions including how to add my mental health plan. Great work Mirror team


If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis call 000 (AU) or use these resources to get immediate help.