Career Coaching & Development

Our experienced therapists offer tailored support to help you unlock your full potential, clarify goals, and develop a strategic roadmap for your professional journey.

Find guidance for your career

Find guidance for your career

Whether you're taking the first step on the career ladder, or you are an experienced professional looking for the next challenge or new opportunity, support and coaching from an experienced psychologist can be invaluable.

You'll be guided by evidence-backed therapy strategies, to help overcome challenges in your career by identifying and setting professional goals, developing effective communication strategies, and unlocking your potential through actionable steps.

An experienced psychologist can support your personal and professional development, and help propel your career forward.

Career coaching is helpful across various circumstances

New professionals

Taking the first step on the career ladder, finding the right fit for your skillset, getting the most out of your first few years in the professional world, managing professional dynamics with managers and coworkers

High performing executives

Restoring work-life balance, managing professional relationships, exploring new opportunities, pivoting your career


Finding confidence to embark on a new professional journey, managing employees for the first time, professional communication and relationship dynamics, setting professional goals, finding work-life balance

Changing your career path

Defining where you would like your career to go, exploring interests and values to help guide you, communicating your intent to your loved ones, finding support and making a plan to proceed on a new path with confidence


Understanding the different paths you can take to get where you would like to go, check in with whether you are making decisions based on your own values and beliefs or from external influences (family and peers), identifying and working to your strengths in studies, managing procrastination, managing your "weaknesses"

Career and family

Navigating complex issues around how you or your spouse's career may impact your family; or returning to work as a new parent and facing challenges in balancing professional and family responsibilities. Therapy also offers guidance with differences in financial status or goals, helping you communicate openly and find practical solutions.

What is Career Coaching?

What is Career Coaching?

A psychologist can help guide your career, keep you on track, and empower you to reach new heights of success. They offer an outside perspective to help identify patterns, and break down the barriers that may be stopping you from reaching your potential.

It's not just about finding a job or helping you transition to a new role or career – its about helping you tap into potential, explore your values and align them with your goals, and transform your aspirations into something tangible.  

How can therapy be helpful for career development?

A psychologist can be invaluable when it comes to career coaching due to their deep understanding of human behaviour, motivation and how to harness the power of our mind. They bring expertise, empathy and evidence based strategies to help address habits, patterns of thinking and behaving that are limiting potential and individuals identify appropriate goals, and navigate a path towards their ideal career with purpose, resilience and confidence.

Identify strengths

Analyse your aptitude, values, strengths, and how to apply this knowledge to help you overcome obstacles, or to support your career goals.

Find accountability

Receive encouragement, empathy, validation, and tackle unhelpful thinking styles or habits that are keeping you stuck, or which are undermining your progress.

Clarify career goals

Create clear, actionable goals that align with your strengths, passion, values, and skills to help guide your professional trajectory.

Available psychologists who can help with career coaching


How can a psychologist help with career coaching?

Many people think that in order to see a psychologist you need to be in crisis, distress or have a diagnosed mental health condition. But that just isn't true. There are many situations where a psychologist can support general health, wellbeing and lifestyle goals and help people enhance their lives, and create opportunities for growth and personal development. 

Some particular benefits from engaging a psychologist as a career coach can include: 

  • Evaluation and assessment – psychologists are trained to administer a variety of tests or assessments which can identify skills, preferences, personality traits, and aptitudes to help you make informed career decisions.
  • Minimise and address psychological barriers – a psychologist can help unpack and uncover habits or patterns that are keeping you stuck, or from achieving your goals. They can address issues like fear of failure, imposter syndrome, self doubt, and low confidence. 
  • Managing stress – psychologists are trained in many different modalities to help you find tailored strategies to reduce stress and help improve work life balance. They help you learn mindfulness, coping strategies, self regulation, or stress management techniques to help create a better balance, or improve resilience and functioning.
  • Motivation and goal setting – they can help you set realistic, achievable career goals and help you stick to them by using their knowledge of human behaviour and neuroscience.
  • Improved communication and interpersonal skills – psychologists are experts in human behaviour. Being able to communicate effectively and build strong relationships is core to career success. Your psychologist can help guide you and develop your capacity to be more assertive, communicate more clearly, learn how to manage conflict, become a strong and persuasive leader and learn how to harness professional relationships to propel your career forward.

When should I pursue career coaching?

You may see a psychologist regarding your career if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • Uncertainty about your career path: If you're unsure which path to pursue or feel stuck in your current job, career coaching can help you explore your interests, skills, values, and personality traits to identify potential career options that align with your goals and aspirations.
  • Career transition: Whether you're considering a career change, reentering the workforce after a break, or transitioning from one industry to another, you may find it helpful to receive guidance and support to navigate the transition process, including assessing transferable skills, exploring new opportunities, and developing a strategic action plan.
  • Job search challenges: If you're struggling with your job search, including writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, or networking effectively, career coaching can give you expert advice, resources, and strategies to enhance your job search skills and increase your chances of success.
  • Personal development: For those who are interested in personal and professional growth, a psychologist can help you identify areas for development, set meaningful goals, and create a plan to enhance your skills, competencies, and leadership capabilities.
  • Workplace issues: If you're experiencing challenges or conflicts in your current job, such as stress, burnout, lack of satisfaction, or difficulty with coworkers or supervisors, career coaching can provide a supportive and confidential environment to discuss your concerns, explore potential solutions, and develop coping strategies.
  • Educational planning: You may be considering furthering your education or training to advance your career - in which case career coaching can assist you in researching educational programs, evaluating your options, and making informed decisions about pursuing additional credentials, degrees, or certifications.

Overall, seeing a psychologist for your career concerns can be beneficial whenever you feel uncertain, stuck, or in need of guidance and support in your career journey. They can offer valuable insights, resources, and personalised advice to help you make informed decisions and achieve your career goals.

How long does career coaching take?

There's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to therapy, and the duration of your sessions is ultimately up to you - but there are a number of factors that impact the timeline you can expect, including your individual goals and needs, and your therapist's approach and availability.

  • Duration: Career coaching can range from a few sessions to several months or longer, depending on the complexity of your goals and the depth of support required. Some people may achieve their objectives in a relatively short time, while others may benefit from ongoing coaching to address multiple challenges or transitions.
  • Frequency of sessions: This can be adjusted based on your schedule, preferences, and objectives. You may wish to opt for less frequent sessions to help you check in on your goals and keep you accountable, but your psychologist can help clarify what kind of frequency will best suit you for your specific needs (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Initial assessment and planning: You can expect an initial assessment to clarify your goals, strengths, challenges, and priorities. Your psychologist will work with you to develop a coaching plan or roadmap outlining the objectives, strategies, and timeline for achieving your desired outcomes.
  • Ongoing support and accountability: Your psychologist can provide ongoing guidance to help you stay motivated, and on track towards your goals. You may have regular check-ins, progress reviews, and adjustments to your coaching plan to ensure that it remains aligned with your evolving needs and circumstances.

What clients say about My Mirror

06 April 2023

So grateful

I am so grateful for my psychologist from My Mirror, and having my psychologist available via telehealth has been so much more beneficial for my mental health. Being able to be seen, heard and listened to rather than waiting so long on a waitlist has been a godsend.

03 May 2023

Fantastic experience

Having been initially sceptical, my overall experience with My Mirror has been fantastic. My Mirror matched and connected me with a psychologist who simply “got” me from the very beginning. I cannot recommend this service enough.

05 January 2024

Big tick

I'm one of those people who doesn't enjoy going out of my home or talking to a doctor, let alone a psychologist. Without My Mirror and the services they provide I would most likely neglect seeking help, so it's a big tick from me for these guys.

18 January 2024

What we need

One of the best online platforms I have ever used. The simplicity of the bulk billing system, rebates and the selection of well educated clinical psychologists is what we need. Couldn't of found a better website. 🙌


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