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17 Aug 2021
by My Mirror Editorial Team

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Experts calling for improved use of ‘tele-tech’ solutions to tackle Australia’s mental health crisis
Less than 1-in-6 Aussies with psychological distress seeking help: new data

Doctors, patients and seven-time world surfing champion, Layne Beachley AO, will join forces next Wednesday, August 18, to urge ALL Australians to take care of their mental health, with new data revealing less than one-in-six people experiencing psychological distress are seeking professional help.1

Australians are facing a mental health crisis, with reports of rising psychological distress among those contending with, and previously free from, mental health issues.1 

Their urgent plea will coincide with the publication of an article in MJA InSight+, set to reinforce the critical need for innovative digital solutions to ensure every Australian has timely and affordable access to professional mental health support, no matter what their situation, location or socioeconomic status.  

To learn why mental health services must be tailored to a person’s preferences and requirements at any given time, particularly during our current COVID-19-dominated environment, tee up an interview with the talent below.  


Dr Matthew Zoeller: Intensive Care Specialist, Northern Beaches Hospital, & CEO & Founder, My Mirror, SYDNEY 

Ms Kate Blundell: Chief Psychologist & Co-Founder, My Mirror, SYDNEY 


Layne Beachley AO: Seven-time world surfing champion, champion of mental wellness, partner to My Mirror & co-creator of the Awake Academy, SYDNEY 


Michelle, 49: Teacher & mother-to-two who strongly advocates for the use of tele-tech services for psychological support, SYDNEY 

Pantea, 36: High school teacher who turns to mental health tele-tech services when in need, SYDNEY 

Esther, 27: Social media manager who uses tele-tech to support her mental wellbeing, YASS 

Esther, 24: Medical receptionist & nursing student who uses tele-tech to support her mental wellbeing, BRISBANE 

Taylor, 34: Percussion teacher & blogger who uses tele-health to care for his mental health & wellbeing, MELBOURNE 

Zoe, 26: Freelance journalist & mental health advocate who embraces tele-health to support her psychological struggles, MELBOURNE 


Kirsten Bruce & Amanda Galati, VIVA! Communications  

M: 0401 717 566 | 0424 629 021 



1.Australian Bureau of Statistics. Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey. 2021; Available from:


If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis call 000 (AU) or use these resources to get immediate help.